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Get the latest 2018 information on Field Inspection Companies, the Field Services Industry, and general information about the services performed by the Field Inspection Industry.  It's in the Field Inspection Companies List.  FREE STARTUP FIELD INSEPCTION GUIDE MANUAL NOW INCLUDED.   

Hi, my name is Carl and I am a field inspector for several field inspection companies in the morgage and insurance industry.  I started several years ago when I purchased an informational ebook online about the field inspection services business.  The ebook contained a quick overview of the industry, a description of several field inspection services and a field inspection company list.  I now make a healthy 6 figure income with my own field inspection business, which anyone can duplicate with a current list of the nearly 200 active field inspection companies.  My business is growing by the day since the recent rise in bankruptcies and foreclosures has driven the field industry work volume through the roof. 

As an independent field inspector, I own my own field inspector business, make my own hours and have the freedom to do what I want when I want. The actual field inspections are very easy to complete and require little training, if any training at all.  The field companies provided complete field inspector training and manuals, but most of the required training and knowledge is just common sense.  My typical day consists of taking a photo(s) of a home or business, completing a simple form and submiting it online to a national field inspection company.  The field company then mails me a check for my services.  The hardest part was locating a current field service companies list because the ebook I purchased only conatined a small portion of the hundreds of companies that hire fields inspectors to perform, real estate inspection services, mortgage field inspections, construction draw inspections, and insurance field inspections among others.  I guess you could say I am a home field inspector, property field inspector, insurance field inspector, construction draw inspector, and mortage field inspector all wrapped into one.    

If you want to become a field inspector, I recommend NOT buying some expensive "How To" ebook because most of it is fluff and the "training information" is mostly useless since each field inspection company will provide you instruction.  All you need to do is contact a field inspection company, fill out a simple application (or even call them) and start working for them when they send you inspection orders.  All of the information to contact these field companies is available for free online if you know what to search for and if know where to search, but I done all of the leg work for you, saving you time and effort.  I compiled what I believe to be the most current list of nearly 200 active field inspection companies to help jump start you into this business today.  At $19.95 the price can not be beat, since it gives you what you really need.  The current contact info not some "fluff" spacefiller to make it seem like you are getting more bang for your buck or old, useless contact information.  Plus, unlike some other websites, I update the list regularly because I use it each and every time I want to expand my business. 

I am not worried about competition, if you become a field services inspector, because there is more than enough work to go around for anyone who wants to make a serious income and is serious about running their own business. My only advice would be to NEVER accept less than $10.00 per inspection.  Companies wanting you to accept less pay tend to leave new inspectors with a bad experience and they never get to experience the pleasure of opperating thier own successful business.

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